The Sexual Cultures Research Group was founded in 2016 as an initiative led by academics in the School of English and Drama at Queen Mary University of London.

The research group actively fosters and develops cross-disciplinary conversations about methodologies, cultures, texts and practices related to sexuality, sex, gender, identity, and both intimate and public cultures.

In conceiving of ‘sexual cultures’, we are committed to thinking about sexuality in relation to other identity forming discourses including, but not limited to race and ethnicity, class, dis/abilities, gender, and trans* lives and experiences.

We meet for closed reading groups as well as lively public events that provide spaces for reflection on the complexities of identity-cultures across research, pedagogy and lived subjectivities. To date, we have hosted lectures by Sara Ahmed, Neil Bartlett, Cassils, Lisa Downing, David Getsy, Saleem Haddad, Juliet Jacques, Del LaGrace Volcano, Heather Love, and more.

The founding and core members of the Group are:

  • Dr. Nadia Atia (Dept of English)
  • Prof. Dominic Johnson (Dept of Drama)
  • Prof. Jen Harvie (Drama)
  • Prof. Catherine Maxwell (English)
  • Dr. Sam McBean (English) — Chair
  • Prof. Scott McCracken (English)

In memoriam: Dr. Catherine Silverstone was a co-founding member of the Sexual Cultures Research Group. She passed away on 4 October 2020.